Birder Testimonials

Welcome to North Dakota Birding! 

I specialize in guiding birders to their life and target birds in North Dakota.  Come and enjoy North Dakota birding at its best!





singing   nelsons.jpg   longspur   web.jpg   lecontes.jpg 

             Baird's Sparrow  ©                         Nelson's Sharp-Tailed Sparrow ©       Chestnut Collared Longspur ©                Upland Sandpiper ©                            Le Conte's Sparrow ©

My Services Are Suited For You If:

  • You are an avid birder who is trying for life birds or have a laundry list of target birds to find. 
  • You are a photographer who wants to spend time taking pictures, rather than locating birds.
  • You are an experienced birder who wants to improve some aspect of your birding skills.
  • You want to bird by habitat, bird by ear, or learn anything about ND birds.
  • You are a beginning birder and want to work at your own pace.
  • I do take out Birding Clubs and Groups such as Audubon Society groups.


eared.jpg blackbird.jpg grouse.jpg sedge.jpg yellow.jpg

                         Eared Grebes ©                               Yellow-headed Blackbird ©                      Sharp-tailed Grouse ©                                 Sedge Wren ©            Yellow-bellied Sapsucker ©                                
All pictures taken by or while birding with Bob Anderson.  Le Conte's taken by Alice Beauchman.


 Where Do I Guide

I do most of my guiding around the towns of Valley City, Jamestown, Carrington, and Bismarck.  This is the area around Arrowwood, Long Lake, and Chase Lake Refuges.  I also guide birders in southeastern ND for many eastern woodland species and migrant warblers.  Basically, you tell me what your target birds are and I will let you know if we can find them in ND, and then set up a personal tour for you.